Vanessa Hudgens Develops Parking Handicap (PHOTOS)

Does Vanessa Hudgens have a physical handicap that we aren't aware of?

The High School Musical starlet was spotted parking illegally in a handicap parking spot in Los Angeles. Vanessa shamefully hid her face when she realized that the paparazzi had spotted her parking illegally.

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  • Natalie Preston
    Natalie Preston

    It's just because they have MONEY, they think they are indestructible!!!

  • Kylie

    love those boots!

  • Steph

    Are you people dumb....The papz follow her every place she goes I would do the same thing..

  • jjdilsld

    HOw rude!!! What? being rich isn't good enough? what a loser!

  • Paola

    That girl has a mental handicap.