Countess LuAnn Releases ‘Money Can’t Buy You Class’ Music Video (VIDEO)

After seducing our ears with her smash hit single, “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” Real Housewives of New York star turned chanteuse, Countess LuAnn, has finally released the music video for the song.

The video features an almost unrecognizable Countess teaching hot young men how to be gentlemen in what looks like the basement of a gay nightclub. The video features the Countess getting tied into a corset in a velvet-covered room, putting on lip gloss, hanging out at a club in a tube dress, and laying in a bed with pouty-faced male models . In short, it is a visual triumph of class and elegance.

Has anyone checked to make sure that the Countess isn’t actually a drag queen? The over-the-top song and video remind us a lot of RuPaul fabulous music career.

Watch the video below.