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  • LAdy

    It seemed more like a lifetime movie, with the whole raising another guys kid after your girlfriend hooked up with another guy not long after thinking you were dead,

  • LAdy

    EPIC!!!!!! Except brad pitt wasn't the main character, big part but there were many main ones.

  • Steve

    Your selection is not what I would have picked, but maybe because I am more familiar with the real thing than movies. But I would pick two that you missed: A Bridge Too Far and Glory for both accuracy of the events and the men who experienced them.

  • mr. killer
    mr. killer

    pearl harbor? that was awful. patton not on the list was one of several omissions.

  • Mohden

    What a horrid list! Where's "The Dirty Dozen" or "Where Eagles Dare"? Some 22 year old made this list.

  • Gus Fleurgen
    Gus Fleurgen

    what about The Dirty Dozen?

  • Catherine

    Is this a joke? It's an awful movie!

  • joe

    pearl harbor is one of the worst movies ever made, whoever made this list is brain dead.

  • sin

    Decent list, but where are the great movies?? Battle of the Bulge, Midway. Tora Tora Tora, Bridge on the River Kwi, and the best of all....PATTON. Even Kelly's Heros was better than some on this list.

  • sin

    Greatest?? Decent at best. Over-rated because of the stars in it.

  • sin

    This was one lame ass movie. It only gets press because of Cruise.

  • Natalia

    Marlon Brando is a LEGEND I always loved him