BUZZINGS: Heidi Montag Finally Decides to Think About Herself for Once

  • Heidi Montag declares that she’s going to concentrate on herself for a while. Because up until now she’s been consumed by her selfless devotion to others. (Parade)
  • Fred Phelps’ church releases a spoof of Lady GaGa’s “Telephone” video. Way to put the “fun” in “fundamentalism,” guys! (PopEater)
  • Why it’s not okay for Miley Cyrus to grope herself onstage. Yes, this apparently needs to be explained to some people. (Hollywood Life)
  • Celebrities are attractive. Babies are cute. So this gallery of celebrity newborns is pretty much guaranteed to make your head explode with “awww”-someness. (Wonderwall)
  • Kirsten Dunst denies smoking pot in court, while testifying in a burglary trial. Which makes perfect sense because…hey, anybody seen the Cheetos? (Huffington Post)