Demi Lovato Disses Joe Jonas During Concert (VIDEO)

Is Demi Lovato starting to lash out at ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas?

After doing the mature thing and killing rumors that painted Joe in a bad light after their breakup, Demi was spotted dropping subtle hints that maybe the former lovers aren’t exactly on friendly terms.

While performing her song “Solo” at a concert in Rio De Janerio over the weekend, Demi changed the lyrics in the song from “why don’t you stick to acting” to “why don’t you stuck to tambourine,” which some are saying was a direct dig at tambourine-playing Joe.

Demi’s song “Solo” is about being fooled by a person she thought she was close with. Fans initially thought the song was about Taylor Lautner or her now-fizzled friendship with Selena Gomez. Whoever the song was originally about, we bet Demi likes keeping the song in oeuvre to subtly dig at people who she feels have hurt her.

Do you think she’ll be performing this song–along with the updated lyrics–when she goes on tour with the Jonas Brothers?

Watch the video below.