Heidi Montag Not Ready To Divorce Spencer Pratt

While we were all celebrating Heidi Montag’s decision to split from Svengali husband, Spencer Pratt, this weekend (or honoring soldiers for Memorial Day, whatever) we might have started the rejoicing a little too soon since it is now coming out that Heidi isn’t sure she wants to divorce her crazy husband.

While Heidi has separated from her husband and moved into a Malibu beach house with BFF and occassional Hills star Jen Bunney, she reportedly hasn’t made up her mind on whether she’ll actually go through with a divorce.

According to Bunney, Heidi felt she had an obligation to stay with Spencer until The Hills wrapped, but now that the show is over she is moving on to bigger and better things, like a new reality show with Bunney.

Heidi says that she separated from Spencer because he was controlling and isolated her from her friends and family. Apparently, she just recently realized what every single person in America already knows: Spencer is a scary, controlling tool.

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