‘Jersey Shore’ Cocaine Scandal: The Unshocking Details

You mean to tell us that one of the Jersey Shore cast members was augmenting his or her GTL regimen with a bit of Peruvian marching powder? Someone pass the smelling salts, please…

According to Radar Online, one of the orange-skinned reality-TV sensations made use of Miami’s cocaine-friendly environment while filming in the Magic City and, even more scandalous, the habit was common knowledge among cast and crew members. According to a source, 

“Miami is obviously a big drug city, and when this cast member wanted to score, it wasn’t hard.”

It was equally easy, says the snitch, to ditch the camera crews when it came time to indulge in the habit, thanks to the increasingly media-savvy mindset of the celebrated guidos and guidettes:

“The cast members are veterans by now and they know how to get rid of the cameras when they want to…A lot of things were done in code. Other people knew about it but no one ratted out this person.”

Guess this might possibly explain Snooki’s penchant for doing backflips at the drop of a hat. Or the tendency for certain cast members’ hair to stand on end. Oh, no, wait; that’s just the hair gel.

Which cast member do you think was hitting the coke? Share your theories in the comments section!