Brooke Shields Basically Spits in PETA’s Face

Looks like the fur’s about to fly again in the animal-rights debate.

Brooke Shields has decided to join Team Fur in a big-time way, designing her own signature fur coat at the Kopenhagen Fur Studio. Because, apparently, it’s been a childhood dream of hers. And she really likes fur. Like, really, really, likes fur.

While discussing the design, Shields gushed,

“Wearing fur may be associated with something grandmotherish. Something you wear when you visit the opera, or if you are a rock star and wear it inside out. But I will advocate that both my generation and the younger generation can wear fur. I will wear the fur garment when I follow my children to school, when I drink coffee and when I sleep.”

Wow; she sleeps in fur? Now that’s devotion. Never mind that popping sound you just heard; it’s just PETA president Ingrid Newkirk’s head exploding in a burst of critter-loving fury.

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