Did Heidi Montag Leave Spencer Pratt For Publicity?

A Hills insider is revealing that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s breakup was originally a story arc for their show. Wait, so this is all for the cameras? Color us shocked!

The insider tells Hollywood Life that the separation was originally meant to be a story arc for The Hills:

The Heidi/Spencer split was originally intended to be a story arc, but now it’s become a reality. […] They’re very game to do the kind of stuff that gets them in the news. It’s easy to present them with crazy ideas, because chances are they’ll say yes.

Hm, so was this all a publicity stunt? The insider offers the unconvincing explanation that it was a case of “art becoming reality” (yes, this insider is calling a reality show “art”) but also admits that Heidi realizes that “she has to have some type of career” and that “she needed to have some sort of plan in effect.”

Considering that Heidi and Spencer often do zany things for publicity, it isn’t surprising that they would pretend to end their marriage to extend their fifteen minutes of fame.

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