Don’t Worry, James Cameron Will Stop the Oil Spill

Looks like Hollywood is stepping in to do what BP and the U.S. government can’t: Fix the increasingly disastrous oil spill in the  Gulf of Mexico.

Following Kevin Costner’s offer to help with the mess, Titanic director James Cameron has reached out to BP and offered his assistance—and no, he doesn’t plan to sink an ocean liner in an effort to plug the leak.

It seems that Cameron became something of an expert in manned-submersible vehicles while filming the 1989 action-adventure flick The Abyss. And now that BP is considering the use of manned submersibles in an effort to cap the underwater well, Cameron has offered the use of his private fleet of deep-drive craft, which he purchased while filming Titanic.

Let’s hope this story has a happier ending than that one.