John Mayer’s Lame Tour Cancellation Excuse

Many were disappointed when they found out that puppy-eyed troubadour John Mayer had canceled the remaining four dates of his European tour this week due to illness. But after hearing the particulars of his ailment, they might be just as happy that he’s staying away.

According to a source, the Battle Studies minstrel got ahold of some bad food, with particularly messy results:

“John is recovering from a horrible food poisoning episode. He got it from backstage catering [at the Forum Copenhagen May 31] which gave him such major diarrhea.”

Yikes; we can understand why he might not want to put himself in front of thousands of people for hours at a time under those conditions.

Luckily, Camp Mayer reports that the singer will be just fine. Eventually. A post on Mayer’s Web site reports that “a full recovery is expected under a doctor’s supervision” for the singer.

In the meantime, dude, plenty of Pepto-Bismol. We suspect that it will be difficult to maintain your image as a ladies’ man in your current state.

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