Justin Bieber Is a Little Smarty-Pants

Looks, talent and brains, too? Is Justin Bieber the complete package, or what?

The My World singing sensation recently graced Coup de Main magazine with an interview, and revealed that he’s something of a brainiac. In fact, despite his insane schedule, the “Baby” belter maintains a 4.0 grade-point average.

Pretty astounding, for a guy who hasn’t quite mastered the whole walking-through-doorways thing yet.

Bieber goes on to detail his unique educational regimen and express his preferred area of study:

“If I was at home, I’d be home-schooled. I’m away-schooled. I have a tutor [Jenny] that travels with me. And we do school every morning. And just keep up on studies and stuff. I don’t really have a favorite subject to be honest, because I don’t really love school. But English—if I had to choose—English would be my favorite subject.”

Odd, since Biebs has a tendency to struggle with the language, but whatever—it’s adorable that he’s trying so hard, isn’t it?

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