Kate Gosselin Progresses From Talking Trash to Collecting It

Brace yourselves, people, for you’re about to see Kate Gosselin act like a very dirty girl.

The tart-tongued Kate Plus 8 mom has yet another series, Twist of Kate, preparing to air on TLC, in which she’ll travel the nation performing various jobs. And apparently one of those jobs will entail the mega-breeder collecting garbage.

As Gosselin reveals on her blog,

“I look forward to being dropped into the lives of interesting and unique people and families. I’ll help where I can and learn a lot, too, I am quite sure. (Kate on the back of a trash truck, anyone … amongst other beyond uncomfortable jobs?)”

We imagine that changing the diapers of eight kids has inured Kate to all sorts of messes. Even so, it should be gratifying to witness the reality-TV mom knee-deep in strangers’ refuse. We imagine that the spectacle of it all will be at least as entertaining as Gosselin’s Dancing With the Stars stint.

Do you plan to watch Kate get down and dirty on national TV? Share your thoughts of anticipation and revulsion in the comments section.