Lady Gaga Chats With Larry King, Gives “Alejandro” Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga beamed her fierceness onto Larry King Live last night where she gave an in-depth interview to Larry King about rumors, her health, and her fans.

Donning a galmmified version of Larry King’s outfit (black sequined suspenders and sunglasses) Gaga chatted with Larry as part of CNN’s 30th anniversary celebration. Gaga also gave fans a sneak peek at her upcoming “Alejandro” music video during the program.

During the interview, Gaga cleared up rumors about her having Lupus, saying that it runs in her family and she has been tested but that she hasn’t shown any signs of the disease just yet. Hopefully, that will reassure Gaga fans that their Queen isn’t going to be dying of Lupus any time soon.

Gaga also talked about her ideas of fame and her devotion to her fans, telling Larry that she isn’t interested in the normal path for female pop stars and that she just wants to make people feel good about being different:

I’m not interested, Larry, in being a perfect plastic pop singer that looks great in bikinis and is on the cover of every magazine. I’m more interested in helping my fans to love who they are and helping them to reject prejudice and reject those things that they are taught in society to not like themselves.

Gaga also revealed that she was asked to open for Michael Jackson at one point and that she is good friends with Madonna and Deepak Chopra.

Watch the entire video below.

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