Lance Bass Embraces The Dark Side (PHOTOS)

Is that you, Lance?

Former N'Sync member Lance Bass showed off his darker side by posting photos of himself donning Adam Lambert-esque makeup and clothes for a special photo shoot with photographer Mike Ruiz.

Ruiz says that the shoot was inspired by "Human League and early '80s New Wave" but we think he looks like a mix of Lambert, Jared Leto with a dash of Don Draper's hair.

Who knew a former boy band member would be so willing to embrace his Goth side?



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  • kelly

    he looks Hot! i prefer the goth look on him.

  • soso nights
    soso nights

    How has it totally escaped everyone he looks just like Freddy Mercury ? Visual References to Freddy Mercury : 1 ) 2) ( Take the mustache off Freddy here )

  • cool

    I think he looks like Phil Oakay of the Huma League fame.

  • Anita

    Mike is a hunk! Do more photos with Adam. He seems to be a good model.

  • Anita

    He's too stiff. He looks like a Ken doll. Adam's pictures like this were much better. Lance is a cutie with his blonde hair and blue eyes. I don't like this look for him.

  • guest1

    Loves it! Thin White Duke meets Kraftwerk...

  • Dyana

    JARED LETO ??? Hell No! Jared is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy HOTTER than this 'weird creature'. Adam Lambert maybe yes. BTW, Jared never wears makeup like those two. Only a bit of guyliner but it was so 2007 in Jared's book. P/S : He looks more like Marilyn Manson .....

  • Yiyi


  • ThatFan

    Kind of reminds me of Freddy Mercury!! :)