M.I.A.’s New Album Cover Offers a Wealth of Mystery

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Rosetta Stone of modern album covers, for controversial “Paper Planes” songstress M.I.A.‘s new effort, Maya.

Look carefully, for it isn’t just the curious spelling of the title that raises all sorts of questions. Examine the overall design; what is the famously contentious singer trying to tell us?

After considerable scrutiny, we’re pretty sure that, buried deep within the cover’s graphics, you’ll find New York Times reporter Lynn Hirschberg’s home phone number. Along with a lengthy screed about the evils of Justin Bieber and the negative cultural effect of the Twilight saga. At least we think so, we haven’t completely cracked the code yet…

Take a look for yourself, and tell us in the comments section: What message do you think M.I.A. is trying to convey with her new album cover?

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