Orlando Bloom And Miranda Kerr Fight Over Shoe Habit

Yes, it’s true, even beautiful couples get annoyed by each other from time to time.

Dreamy Orlando Bloom and supermodel girlfriend Miranda Kerr had a lover’s spat on Memorial Day during a day-long shopping excursion at Bergdorf Goodman. A spy reports seeing the couple get into an argument after Orlando is pushed to his charming, dreamy limits by Miranda’s shoe habit:

Orlando seemed a bit annoyed by something she said and responded, ‘Are you kidding me? You’ve been trying on hundreds of pairs of shoes!’ Then he got up and left with Miranda in tow, asking for a to-go cup for his coffee.

It seems that Orlando was getting a cup of coffee at the department store’s cafe while Miranda was busy shopping the day away.

While we’re sure a minor fight like this isn’t anything serious, we’re pretty sure we can think of a couple hundred guys who would be more than willing to endure hours-long shopping trips with Miranda. Just sayin’, Orlando.