The ‘Eclipse’ Soundtrack Is Now Available For Your Listening Pleasure

Yearning to bathe your ears in some vamp-friendly sonic bliss? Then today’s your lucky day, because for 24 hours starting at noon EST on Wednesday the soundtrack for the upcoming Twilight sequel Eclipse is being streamed for free. (Check it out here.)

Delight in Cee Lo Green’s whimsical “What Part of Forever”! Thrill to Muse’s “Neutron Star Collision”! And when you’re done, make sure to put a pre-order in for the album, which officially goes on sale June 8.

Enjoy, Twi-hards. And if you decide to stare at your Robert Pattinson poster and pretend that you’re having a listening party with him while you check out the tunes, don’t worry; we won’t judge.

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