Betty White Remembers ‘Golden Girls’ Co-Star Rue McClanahan

In the wake of co-star and close friend Rue McClanahan’s death, Betty White has released an emotional but brief statement. From TMZ:

Rue was a close and dear friend.  I treasured our relationship.  It hurts more than I even thought it would, if that’s even possible.

Betty and Rue co-starred in the hit series Golden Girls. Betty is now the only remaining star from the series after Estelle Getty died in 2008, Bea Arthur passed away last year, and Rue’s death this morning.

Betty has been enjoying a recent surge in fame after an internet campaign to get her on Saturday Night Live took off. Unfortunately the passing of friend and co-star Rue must be put a damper on her rising career.

Rue is the third celebrity to pass away in less than a week following the death of Gary Coleman on Friday and the death of Dennis Hopper on Saturday.