BUZZINGS: Sarah Jessica Parker Pushing For ‘Sex And The City 3′

Sarah Jessica Parker wants to continue our long national nightmare and make a Sex and the City 3 movie. (Wonderwall)

• But wait, now experts are saying that there won’t be a Sex and the City 3 movie? What’s going on here? Where are our pants? (LimeLife)

• While taking a break from rescuing us from the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Waterworld actor Kevin Costner welcomed his seventh child. Congratulations! (PopEater)

Paul McCartney attempted to serenade First Lady Michelle Obama at a White House dinner last night. You may be a Beatle, Paul, but we don’t think you can compete with a guy with nuclear power. (Huffington Post)

Jennifer Aniston is following in her BFF Courteney Coxs footsteps and signing up for the newest Scream film. You know the old saying: birds of a feather get slashed by mask-wearing killers on film together. (Starpulse)