Elin Nordegren Demands Record Divorce Settlement From Tiger Woods – $750 Million!

All set for Act Two of Tiger-gate?

According to Radar Online, Elin Nordegren is seeking full custody of her two children with Tiger Woods, and more impressively, demanding $750 million in a divorce settlement from the famous billionaire cheater.

The divorce war is only beginning, as Tiger will presumably tap into his unlimited resources to keep his children, who could be off to Sweden should Elin win.

Reportedly, Elin was ticked when Tiger decided to return to golf earlier than had been planned.  Since then, the seperated couple has been living in houses only a mile apart and sharing the children under an unofficial joint custody agreement.

[Returning to golf] seems to have killed the small chance they had at reconciling.

   — According to a source

Until the divorce clears, Tiger Woods is not allowed to have any fun.