Kristen Stewart Slammed For “Rape” Comment

Kristen Stewart is taking some heat for her hyperbolic comments that getting photographed by paparazzi to getting “raped.”

New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault, a rape crisis center, took the Twilight actress to task for her “poor choice of words.”

From RadarOnline:

Clearly [getting photographed by paparazzi] is not the same as rape… it’s just not the same. I understand that Kristen Stewart was expressing that she feels violated. Sure violation is a form of sexual assault, but it’s the most serious and the most personal. It’s clearly a poor choice of words.

Kristen had previously told Elle magazine that when she looked at paparazzi photos of celebrities she felt like she was “looking at someone being raped” due to the hubbub that the paparazzi create when trying to get a photo of a celebrity.

Kristen definitely has some experience with the paparazzi: after starring in Twilight and reportedly hooking up with co-star Robert Pattinson, she has earned her fair share of attention from photographers who clamor to get a good shot of the 20-year-old actress.