Lady GaGa Look-Alikes Face Oppression by Security Goons!

Being a Lady GaGa fan ain’t always easy.

The Pantless One performed a concert at the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester, England, on Wednesday, and prior to the show the “Poker Face” singer received some disturbing news: Security had plans to turn away fans at the door if they showed up with Coke cans rolled into their hair, in homage to the singer’s look in her “Telephone” video.

Naturally, this oppression didn’t go go over well with GaGa, who furiously Tweeted prior to the show,

“Outraged. Staff at the MEN aren’t letting people into the arena with cans in their hair. So many sad Little Monsters :(“

Fortunately, however, the staff—presumably bending to pressure from GaGa—relented, and shortly thereafter it was decided that the can-wearing faithful would be allowed in, as GaGa issued an update on her Twitter page:

“All is well at MEN ARENA, feel free to wear your coke cans proud in hair. Security has been reprimanded for censoring little monster freedoms.”

Lady GaGa: Standing up to censorship wherever it rears its ugly head. Can someone get this woman a Congressional Medal of Honor already?

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