Leona Lewis Falls Down an Elevator Shaft

What is it about musicians and elevators? First the Jonas Brothers spent a harrowing half hour while trapped in a New York elevator late last month. And now Leona Lewis has similarly been taken down by one of the dreaded conveyances, falling down an elevator shaft that had been serving as part of her stage set during a Sheffield, England performance last Friday.

Luckily, the “Bleeding Love” songstress escaped unscathed, if not unshaken, by the experience:

“We have been having problems with the lift. It had been going fine in rehearsals and then I had a bit of an accident and fell down the lift shaft. It was quite scary…I was lucky not to get injured. Fortunately it happened during a blackout on set and didn’t affect the show and none of the audience saw anything. I got a shock and had to be rescued.”

Wow; she falls down an elevator shaft, and worries how it will affect the audience’s concert experience. That, ladies and gentlemen, is consummate professionalism.

Leona should count herself lucky: At least she’s not constantly being attacked by doors, unlike some other musicians we know.

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