Lindsay Lohan Passes Two Drug Tests, Silences the Haters

There’s probably an awesome snowball fight taking place in hell today.

Despite what her recent erratic behavior might suggest, Lindsay Lohan has surprised the world, the Los Angeles court system and possibly even herself by passing the first two of her court-mandated, random drug tests. Yeah, really.

According to a source,

“She is clear of illegal substances. She has already taken two tests and passed both.”

Prosecutor Danette Meyers, who’s handling Lohan’s case, backs up the assertion, noting that she hasn’t heard of either test coming back dirty.

Lohan is required to undergo weekly random drug tests as part of her DUI probation.

Perhaps even more impressive, there are no signs that her alcohol-monitoring SCRAM ankle bracelet, which Lohan has been ordered to wear as a condition of her probation, has been tampered with. Except, of course, for the Chanel stickers that she reportedly decorated the thing with.

The Just My Luck actress is expected to attend a parole violation hearing next month.