Nude Emma Watson Pictures Revealed As Fake

Remember: not every celebrity nude you see on the internet is real.

A 39-year-old British man named John Cavanagh plead guilty to 19 counts of making indecent images of a child after he photoshopped Emma Watson’s head onto nude photos of an underage girl.

Cavanagh uploaded the fake photos of Emma Watson last month and Emma’s reps were quick to point out that the photos were fake, pointing out that her head was too big for her body and the positioning was off.

Police discovered the photos of the Harry Potter star along with other nude photos of underage girls when they tried to evict Cavanagh from his home in Manchester, England. When Cavanagh appeared in court the judge told him, “Miss Watson will be very distressed to learn what you have been doing.” “Distressed?” more like horrified!

Cavanagh will likely face jail time for his fake photos. Think about that before you create goofy photoshops for lawls, kids.