Taylor Swift Won’t Betray Her Country Roots

It’s only fitting that America’s Sweetheart, Taylor Swift, would grace the cover of Marie Claire’s America-themed July issue.

Taylor got all dolled up for a fancy photo shoot with the magazine but all the glitz and glam of a glossy magazine can’t hide Taylor’s truly down-to-earth personality. In an interview with the magazine, Taylor opens up about her writing process and how grateful she is for her original country fans.

Even though the “You Belong with Me” singer has grown into a pop superstar since she first started out as country singer, she reveals that she is thankful to country fans for still listening to her music even though she isn’t as country as she used to be.

From Marie Claire:

I love making new friends and I respect people for a lot of different reasons. For me, great music doesn’t just have to fall into one category or one genre and I love appreciating all kinds of music. Country music is obviously my favorite and that just goes without saying. But, I’ve always loved John Mayer and I think T-Pain is brilliant. Getting to work with people like that has been really, really fun for me. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and the fact that country radio has been so wonderful to me and has remained so true to me despite the fact that I’ve gotten to go and do all these things that I’ve dreamed about doing. It’s just been a really, really cool thing.

The country cutie went on to describe her writing process, saying that she views songwriting as “more about a diary and a confession” than thinking about what genre she has to be in or what demographic she has to appeal to.

With her sweet attitude, it is no wonder that Taylor charms so many fans on a daily basis.