BLINDBUZZ: Which Actress Won’t Speak To Sales Clerks?

Welcome back to BLINDBUZZ where we guess the famous celebrities behind the juiciest blind items and invite you to do the same.

This time we have an actress that won’t speak to nobodies, an actor who roofies models, and a former Disney star who is spinning out of control.

Silent Buyer:

Although we don’t usually see this actress out shopping on her own, it was interesting to hear about one of her recent shopping trips.  One thing that we do know for sure is that she doesn’t like to speak to sales clerks at all. If there is a question to be asked, our actress whispers into her assistants’ ear, who then relayed the message to the clerk. With her financial status, perhaps she should slow down on the spending sprees. After all, no one is giving her tons of free stuff anymore. (BlindGossip)

Our guess: Lindsay Lohan.

The Drugging Modelizer:

I don’t know how one would define models on a list, but this model has been in all the big magazines and is well known in the modeling world. Anyway, last night at a party she told everyone that she had been out to a party with this B list actor from a hit television show that is on an almost network. She says that he drugged her drink and the next thing she knew she was at his apartment. Nothing happened to her sexually and she was too scared to report it but definitely spent lots of time last night telling anyone who would listen to stay away from the guy. (Crazy Days and Nights)

Our guess: one of the boys from Vampire Diaries, although we really don’t want to believe any of them could do something so bad.

High Living Tweener:

This former Disney Tweener is at again. A source placed in her camp is worried about the recent amount of drugs this young lady is consuming in one sitting. It started off merely recreational, but now the star is using drugs as a coping mechanism for challenges she faces, whether big or small. The other day, she was so high security found her walking on her roof. Not Lindsay Lohan. (BuzzFoto)

Our guess: Christina Aguilera.