BUZZINGS: Meet The 34-Year-Old Justin Bieber Mega-Fan

• Meet the 34-year-old forklift driver who is so into Justin Bieber that he got a personalized license plate with “BIEBER” on it. That’s one way to get the ladies! (PopEater)

• Attention cat ladies (and cat men): behold the definitive list of the coolest cats in pop culutre. Sure, most of them are cartoons or cat-human hybrids, but that doesn’t mean they can’t represent cat power. (Wonderwall)

• Uh oh: apparently, all these starlets who are getting botox before they even reach their 30th birthday are actually ensuring more wrinkles in their future. (Hollywood Life)

• Rapper Chamillionaire’s house went into foreclosure, to which he responded: “I meant to do that.” Uh, whatever you say, we aren’t one to argue with someone with “millionaire” in their name. (Bossip)

• In odd news: Medium actor Jake Weber reveals that he was an 8-year-old drug mule for the Rolling Stones in the ’70s. See, there are worse Hollywood parents out there than Dina Lohan. (Starpulse)