Charlie Sheen Might Be Let Out of Jail to Work

Charlie Sheen’s 30 days of hard time might turn out to be so hard after all.

According to an official at the Aspen Jail,  Sheen—who is expected to cop a plea on a charge of threatening his wife, Brooke Mueller, last Christmas—could very well be deemed eligible for work release when he goes before the judge on Monday to plea-bargain his case. Which means he would be free to leave the facility during the day, providing he can prove he has “a productive job in the community.”

Hmm; do we smell a very special “the guys go on a skiing vacation” episode arc coming up on Two and a Half Men?

Even better news for Charlie: If he manages to behave himself in lockup, he could be out in as little as 17 days for good behavior.

Justice might not be blind, but it sure does seem to have a soft spot where celebrities are concerned.