Jon Gosselin Staged New York Break-In

Remember that break-in at Jon Gosselin’s apartment last December that many were speculating was a huge publicity stunt? Turns out they were right and Jon’s ex Hailey Glassman has the texts to prove it.

RadarOnline has obtained text messages from Hailey that they say proves that Jon staged a break-in into his New York apartment. At the time, Jon accused 23-year-old Hailey of breaking into his apartment. However, police investigated the matter and cleared Hailey of any wrongdoing.

While Hailey didn’t steal anything from Jon’s apartment, she does claim that he set her up to take the fall and was planning the break-in so he could avoid eviction from his apartment and gain some publicity.

From RadarOnline:

On December 16, 2009, Jon texted, ‘Leave the key on the counter. Not kidding. I told u if u choose them our friendship is over. Your choice. That’s not manipulation, that’s your choice.’

Jon then texts Hailey she needs to be ‘Out before Christmas. Take the furniture and t.v. That is a gift.’

The TV is the crucial part as Jon later accused Hailey of stealing it in the break-in.

On December 17, Jon texted Hailey, ‘That’s fine, I’m understanding. Do u know why u have to move out, let me explain. If I were to get evicted, they would seize the apartment and all.’

He then writes, ‘I can’t text my plan.’

Sounds shady! And very much like something that Jon would do.

Now Jon could face some serious charges for allegedly filing a fake police report and staging a break-in.