Justin Bieber Watches R-Rated Movie With Aziz Ansari (VIDEO)

Should Justin Bieber be allowed to watch R-rated films just because he is an international superstar?

Well, we don’t really have a problem with it, but apparently some people think it is a little inappropriate that Justin “watched” the R-rated film The Hurt Locker in a promo for the MTV Movie Awards. Give Justin a break, we’re sure he is mature enough to understand the subtleties of Oscar-winning war films!

In the hilarious promo, comedian Aziz Ansari shows off his brand new “4-D” movie-watching technology while hanging out with the adorable Baby Biebs. So, what is this 4-D technology? Let’s just say it really brings the movie experience to life.

Watch the clip below and find out if Jeremy Renner has caught Bieber Fever.

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