Katherine Heigl Wants An Emmy For ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Poor Katherine Heigl, she can’t seem to please anybody when it concerns Emmy nominations. If she doesn’t submit her name for consideration of an Emmy she gets torn apart by the press and if she does submit her name then she get equally criticized.

The 31-year-old actress recently submitted her final season playing Izzie on Grey’s Anatomy for consideration for an Emmy nomination. Katherine is vying for a nomination in the supporting actress category.

Earlier this year it was announced that Katherine would be leaving Grey’s Anatomy for good. The Killers actress has gotten a lot of flack since she won her first Emmy in 2007 for her role as medical intern Izzie on Grey’s. Since her win, critics have called her ungrateful after she criticized various productions she worked with, including Grey’s.

Katherine’s role on Grey’s had diminished as her movie career had taken off; by the time she left the show she had only been featured in a handful of episodes during that season.