Miley Cyrus Get Charitable, and Other Hilarious Celebrity Items

Just because celebrity gossip is, like, the most important thing ever doesn’t mean we can’t have a few laughs about it. Join us now as Celebuzz Guest Comedian Blogger and recurring Funny or Die comedienne Ellyn Daniels looks at the lighter side of today’s celebrity news.

Miley Cyrus is encouraging people to give back in every way they can in a new YouTube video for Service Nation. She has been giving back in her own special way lately by flashing her under-aged midriff and camel toe for millions of adoring fans.

Does Spencer Pratt know something we don’t know? Recent photos of him running through the canyons in Malibu dressed like a commando indicate that he might be preparing for an apocalyptic event. Spencer, a self-professed conspiracy theorist, did  “vow to use [my] celebrity status to educate the public about the New World Order conspiracy theory.” Maybe we should all be ordering our freeze-dried food rations from Costco, or perhaps I’m completely off base and Spencer is just preparing for his new role in the film, Little Douchebags Go To War. Whatever the case may be, let’s just hope he’s not headed for Heidi’s new house, because I think he might have a gun under that jacket. Thank God she recently switched out her silicone implants for Kevlar ones.

While in South Korea, promoting the newest installment of the Twilight saga, Kristen Stewart felt vindicated upon learning that in Korean the literal translation word for paparazzi is “celebrity rape.”

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