Miley Cyrus Kisses Female Dancer On British TV

Miley Cyrus Kisses Female Dancer On British TV-photo

Miley Cyrus kissed a girl and she liked it.

The 17-year-old tweener performed her new song "Can't Be Tamed" on Britain's Got Talent last night and she decided to top off her racy performance by kissing a female dancer. Well, sort of. Miley didn't actually kiss the dancer, she just mimicked kissing her.

The Hannah Montana star has been grabbing headlines recently for her racy new look. Her "Can't Be Tamed" music video featured her writhing around in sexy clothes and she has been spotted performing around Europe in minimal clothing. This faux sapphic kiss just adds to her controversy-causing antics.

The girl-on-girl kiss was reminiscent of the Madonna-Britney Spears girly smooch at the 2003 VMAs. The only difference is that Britney was 21-year-old and little Miley hasn't even celebrated her 18th birthday yet.

Maybe the pseudo-lesbian smooch is just part of her acting out after reportedly getting dumped by Liam Hemsworth? We're sure that will make him a wee bit jealous.

Watch Miley's kiss below. The kiss starts at the 1:05 mark.

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  • moms taxi
    moms taxi

    its sad that she is trying to be something thats already been done by madona brittney and now lady gaga...there are other original ideas that she could use to get away from the hanna image...with so much money i would think she would rather go out on top than the bottom...her parents should of taught her to have more respect for herself...but i think they dont care and like the money she brings in...i definatly wont be letting my child watch hanna montana anymore...we like demi lavato and selena gomez better....i wonder what her aunt dolly thinks of this negative can be sexy and still classy....

  • alexa

    Wow miley your such a slut! She is gonna trun out to be a brittney spears or linsdey lohand. Shes such a wanna be! She sucks at singing.

  • thepixinator

    She is trying so hard to be a country Beyonce with the bodysuit and stomping and the one-handed jewelry, and it is embarrassing.

  • idespisemiley

    miley thinks that if she acts this way she will get an adult audience chick is sadly mistaken people can't get passed the hannah montana character nor see her as an adult. Though what i don't really understand is why she is trying for the adult audience when she is where she is cause of the teeny boppers not the adults. her career will be over just like lindsay, hilary, even vanessa hudgens girl, etc...

  • GoodLuckhollywood

    What a disappointment..I dont care if there lips didnt touch. Its wrong!! How would you guys feel if your little 9 year old girl was watching this video one night then the next day was kissing her friend. She would say "Well..Miley did it too...". Its sick and you people are STUPID if you cant see she is going in the wrong path right now. And your also STUPID for saying Its nothing!! Cause it IS SOMETHING or else people like me wouldnt have such strong feels. Gosh WAKE UP PEOPLE and smell the slutty whoreness!

  • Stephine

    She's a bad influence for little kids! I think this is a bad choice for someone her age, she might think it's cool, but it is not. SERIOUSLY MILEY!!

  • Clarissa

    I dislike her performance, no voice and no good dancing. Obviously she is trying TOO hard, she have baby face and body. Something is wrong with her. No hate but it was bad.

  • amanda

    Get over it that aint anything!

  • Alianne

    I kissed a girl and I liked it... Damn your catchy, song, Katy Perry, and damn you Miley for getting it in my head with your smooching antics. Still, any kind of PDA on TV is gross, even if it is for acting... Meh.

  • Gah Bee
    Gah Bee

    Their lips don't touched

  • none of your buisness
    none of your buisness

    so what? shes still trying to shed hannah montana and if she didnt REALY kiss her whats thi big deal? i still like her!!! =]

  • DA.Lamb

    HERE IS ANOTHER BRITNEY SPEARS WANNA BE :O Sorry miley go to the Hannah Montana's day

  • Diz.Iz.Shiz

    She looks like a 10 year old girl who puts the sexy clothes from her mommy on ( her mommy must be a slut working in a puff) #FAIL Miley you're ugly & untalented GO DIE!

  • Keera

    she didn't really kiss her and she wasn't looking sexy - at all! Britain's got talent is a TALENT show why the f*ck was that slutty chubby cyrus there??!!! Blaaah She can't sing she can't dance & her cating is horrible too!

  • Cláudia Duarte
    Cláudia Duarte

    "Maria-Mercedes Lara" : You need to see a ophthalmologist immediately!!

  • Milly

    Thatt wasint a kiss you IDIOTAS! thats just a dance she is always doing this dance when she is singing ,, can't be tamed" oh my god how can you untherstand that just a stupid news and the peoples dont have wath to put and puting things witch is not true! DAAAA :@@@@@@@@@@

  • lauren

    she really pisses me off, i was actually enjoying britains got talen till she showed up on it, too bad i was watching it live so couldn't fast forward.

  • Candice

    Thats not bad it's just friendly kiss me and my girlfriuend always kiss in the lips when wea sea each other and that's nothing ;0

  • britini95


  • britini95

    I love you, MIley. But now you are just trying WAAAAAAY to hard. But I don't think their lips actually touched. But wanted the effect of that is still trying too hard.