Olivia Munn Joins Cast Of ‘The Daily Show’ (VIDEO)

Just when you thought Olivia Munn couldn’t be any more of a nerd’s dream girl she goes ahead and joins the cast of The Daily Show.

The Attack of the Show babe who got her career started by appealing to geeks (and we mean that in the nicest, non-derogatory way) has decided to broaden her horizons and get into political satire.

The 29-year-old TV personality made her first appearance on The Daily Show on Thursday night as their “Senior Asian Correspondent.” It seems Olivia was brought in to report on how the BP oil spill was effecting the Vietnamese fishing communities in the Gulf Coast. Unfortunately, the other Daily Show correspondents didn’t take too kindly to there being a new girl on the TelePrompTer-reading block. Naturally, hilarity ensued.

Watch the clip of Olivia below.

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