Scarlett Johanson Is No Longer A Woman ‘Esquire’ Loves

Was Christina Hendricks not Esquire’s most-loved woman?

The bodacious Mad Men actress appeared on the cover of Esquire’s May “Women We Love” issue, with the magazine proclaiming Christina to be the most-loved woman by men and women.

However, Esquire’s editor accidently spilled the beans on who the real “Woman We Love” was, and it wasn’t Christina. Turns out, the original choice was Iron Man 2 star Scarlett Johannson but she, to quote Esquire’s editor-in-chief David Granger, “screwed” them over.

An insider spilled details to The Daily News:

Scarlett was indeed the first person approached by Esquire to appear on the cover [and was] committed. But things change rather quickly [in the entertainment industry]. I think her commitment on Broadway prevented her from making good.

After Scarlett backed out, the magazine approached Christina to appear on the cover and announced that she had won the “Women We Love” survey on Esquire’s website. Curiously, Scarlett was not on the list of possible choices.

Of course, Scarlett shouldn’t be blamed if she had other arrangements that she had to honor instead of posing for Esquire’s cover. However, we bet Christina isn’t too happy to hear that she wasn’t the magazine’s top pick.