Did Robert Pattinson Forget To Remove His Tags?

Oh, Robert Pattinson. You sure are dreamy but sometimes you come off as being pretty absent-minded.

We spotted the star with a big ol’ tag hanging out of his pants at the MTV Movie Awards last night. Was he simply so excited to go to the awards show that he forgot to properly remove all of the tags from his clothes? Has he been shopping with Vanessa Hudgens recently?

Of course, the tag could also be an over-sized label for the pants, which we hear is popular with the kids these days. Then again, the label looks like it is made out of paper so it would be too flimsy to be a label that is meant to be kept on RPattz’s beautiful, beautiful pants.

We guess it doesn’t matter if Robert left his tag on his pants, the man could be wearing a burlap sack with pictures of Heidi Montag’s face taped onto his forehead and he would still look lovely.