Gary Coleman’s Ex-Wife Cashing In With Hospital Photos, Video Death Tour

Shannon Price might claim to be broke, but that’s likely to change soon.

The ex-wife of recently deceased actor Gary Coleman, who is asking the public for donations for Coleman’s funeral, is reportedly raking in the bucks by exploiting his death, according to multiple sources.

Radar Online reports that Price is asking big bucks for media interviews since the Diff’rent Strokes star’s death in late May—up to $50,000—and is even offering video tours of the house the two shared, and where Coleman had the fall that eventually led to his death. For a fee, of course.

Ghoulish? Well yeah, sure; but that might pale in comparison to another report.

According to TMZ, Price has negotiated a deal with an unnamed tabloid to publish four photos of Coleman’s final moments, including a shot of Price posing next to a bedridden, tube-riddled Coleman. (An additional photo, said to be taken after Coleman’s death, was not part of the deal. Maybe she’s holding out for more money?)

The photos are expected to hit newsstands as early as this week.

As long as she’s putting her ex-husband to rest, Price might as well bury any remaining shred of dignity she might have had along with him.