‘Hills’ Gals Confirm Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Split Is Fake

We don’t think you need more confirmation that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s long-awaited split is nothing more than a publicity stunt, but just in case you harbored some hope that the separation was real, the gals from The Hills are here to confirm that it is all a lie. And to think, those photos of Heidi having a sad about her breakup with Spencer looked so real!

Current Hills girlies Audrina Patridge and Lo Bosworth cofirm that Speidi Split is fake.

While Audirna says that she doesn’t believe it since “they’re inseparable and in love,” Lo is more realistic as to the reason behind the fake split: “I’ve worked with them for too long, and they haven’t been filming, so I think this is a way they think they can get back on the show for the last few episodes.”

Meanwhile, Whitney Port, former Hills star and current star of The City, says that she “doubts” that the two have parted ways and that she’s “sure they’re still sticking together.”

It looks like we can finally chalk up Heidi and Spencer’s split as being nothing but a publicity stunt.

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