Lauren Conrad Refuses To Return To ‘Hills’

In the biggest finale upset since Walt went missing from the final episode of Lost, Lauren Conrad has announced that she won’t be returning for the finale of The Hills.

Many Hills fans were expecting the 24-year-old star to return for the final season of the show but Lauren, who is currently dating former WB star Kyle Howard, feels like it is time to move on from the show. From E! Online:

I have no plans to come back […] I really liked how I got to leave the show. I felt like it was on a positive note and I feel like they wrapped up my storyline.

The Hills first started as Lauren’s spin-off from the hit show Laguna Beach. However, as time went on and the show’s stars got more famous, Lauren started to take a smaller role in the show and eventually left to be replaced by former Laguna Beach co-star Kristin Cavallari.