My Biggest Secret Gets Scooped by Celebuzz!

NAME thought all of HISHER secrets were safe with HISHER family and friends in LOCATION, but HESHE just found out that Celebuzz is about to spill the beans on one of HISHER most hard kept, deepest darkest secrets! What is FIRSTNAME hiding?

What could it be? Is it that FIRSTNAME says HESHE’s been training for a marathon but was spotted sunning in the park? Did HISHER secret obsession with Prince finally come out? Was FIRSTNAME huffing down a hot dog even though HESHE claims to be a die-hard vegetarian? Or worse yet, did Celebuzz find out HESHE wasn’t really in LOCATION Friday night? Stay tuned on Celebuzz to get the dirt! Plus, who is our mole? Will he or she come forward? Or is FIRSTNAME on HISHER own?

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