Parents’ Group Declares Itself Outraged Over MTV Movie Awards’ F-Bomb Frenzy

With last night’s MTV Video Awards, the folks who man the bleep buttons were definitely busy. And today it’s time for the nation’s moral scolds to go into overdrive.

The various skits, presentation speeches and acceptance speeches during last night’s award show were riddled with F-bombs. While most of them were obscured behind the big bleep, a number of them slipped through under the radar on the live East Coast feed (particularly New Moon actor Peter Facinelli’s obscenity-laden Best Movie acceptance speech, which featured a flurry of un-bleeped curses).

And, as might be expected, certain family groups are registering their outrage over last night’s potty-mouthed festivities. Such as nonprofit advocacy group the Parents Television Council (PTC), whose president, Tim Winter, fumes,

“We are very angry at what we think was not just an entertainment show gone blue but a verbal assault on families. I think this is exactly what MTV wants and I think it is outrageous that in order to get channels like the Disney Channel, ESPN and CNN you are forced to pay a monthly fee.”

While MTV issued on-air warnings that the Movie Awards were for viewers 14 and up, Winters isn’t having any of it:

“It is an outrage to the content rating system. If it had been a motion picture, it would have been rated R. The fact that it was rated 14 shows what little respect MTV and Viacom have for the content ratings.”

Or they could just use the remote control to change the channel or, God forbid, turn the TV off. Either way…

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