Robert Pattinson Stalked By Teen Girl On Set

Remember Twi-hards: we all love Robert Pattinson, but stalking isn’t the best way to get close to the dreamboat.

According to Hollywood Life, a 16-year-old Twi-hard was nearly arrested last week after she was discovered hiding in the bushes near the Water for Elephants set in Los Angeles.

The unidentified super fan was discovered hiding in the bushes at 5 a.m. (!) wearing a Twilight t-shirt and holding her camera. According the on-set source, it was protocol to call the cops on any form of trespassing, but security determined that the overly zealous teen “didn’t seem dangerous at all.” Instead, the teen was driven home by the cops and given a stern warning.

Unfortunately, even if the eager gal wanted to snap a photo of Rob that day she wouldn’t have been able to: he was filming in a different location inside a barn all day.

Luckily for Rob, this was a rare case on the Water for Elephants set. The source says that “fans have been really respectful so far […] in no way is Rob or anyone in harms way!” Well of course not–not even the craziest Twi-hard would think to hurt the dreamy RPattz.