Tila Tequila Suicide Attempt Causes Police Panic

It seems like wherever Tila Tequila goes, trouble follows.

Tila reportedly attempted to commit suicide over the weekend.

The 28-year-old internet queen posted a video of herself online with bloodied arms that many thought was the result of a suicide attempt. Fans became worried and called 911 to report the incident. The LAPD spent five hours searching for Tila but in the end Tila assured the officers that she was not in danger.

Tila blames the whole bizarre episode of her “multiple personalities.” She claims that one of her personalities, “Jane,” smashed her arms and did other nefarious things to make people believe that Tila was committing suicide. Tila says that she “blacked out” and that Jane is “evil” and that “she single handedly smashed and broke EVERYTHING in [Tila’s] bedroom.”

The LAPD confirmed to RadarOnline that they performed a “welfare check” on Tila but that they believed the whole thing to be a “stunt” and that they left Tila with a warning.

Tila responded to people accusing her of attempting to commit suicide by calling them “ignorant f**ks” and saying that she wouldn’t commit suicide because she “got mad $$$ & LOVE!”

Tila recently signed up for Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew which is expected to start filming soon. She also recently launched a gossip blog, Miss Tila OMG.

If Tila is having problems we hope she gets the help that she needs. Where would we be without our favorite attention-getting internet sprite?