BLINDBUZZ: Which Famous Mom Is Pimping Out Her Daughter?

Welcome back to BLINDBUZZ where we round-up the juiciest blind items and take a guess at who the famous identities behind the items really are.

This time around we have a pimping mom, a closeted actress who hooked up with a diva, and a model who will do anything to get a movie role.

Moms Is Pimps Too:

Over the weekend this celebrity mother was basically pimping out her D list reality daughter. She would walk up to actors at the event she was at and let it be known that her daughter was available to be a companion for the day or night or even on a long term basis. She was even carrying head shots of her daughter. The rate? $5000 for one day and $50,000 a month. (Crazy Days and Nights)

Our guess: Tess Taylor and one of her daughters from Pretty Wild.

Someone Is Getting Fired:

While filming a TV pilot late last year, this actor and actress chatted between takes. He is openly gay and is best known for his work on Broadway. She is a comedic actress and a closeted lesbian. She asked him if he could recommend any lesbian bars in the LA area. A nearby staffer overheard them talking and chimed in. “Hey, I didn’t know you were gay! Did you bed [name of pop diva]?”. The actress shot him a threatening look and replied “Yes, but that information better stay right here or you’re fired.” Name the TV Pilot, the actor, the actress, and the pop diva. (BlindGossip)

Our Guess: TV Pilot: It Takes a Village, actor: Cheyenne Jackson, actress: Leah Remini, and pop diva: Madonna.


This model is hoping to cross careers and make it into the movie biz. She’s done some television work, but reality stuff doesn’t really count. Her plan to get a role is to do it the old fashioned way, by sleeping with a married famous director. So far no roles, but we’ll see if her labors pay off in the future.Not Kelly Bensimon. (BuzzFoto)

Our Guess: Katie Price.