Carrie Underwood Steps Up To the Plate For Charity (PHOTOS)

When it comes to helping the less fortunate, Carrie Underwood is coming out swinging, y'all.

The former American Idol fave put down the microphone and picked up a baseball bat in Nashville on Monday to participate in the Annual City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge at Greer Stadium.

So who won? Duh, everybody!

Check out Carrie's victory for the downtrodden in the photo gallery. And for even more pics of celebs doing cool things, hit up Paparazzi-Razzi.



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  • JulesFan

    That is Julianne. Lover her! Go Jules!

  • tinkie

    That picture is definitely Julianne Hough and not Carrie. Carrie's shorts were different.

  • Chloe

    thats julianne hough. haha

  • Allison

    Of course it is Carrie Underwood? What is wrong with you guys? lol I was at the game last night and Carrie was there with her fiance. Carrie played softball growing up for 9 years and is very good. Why would you not think that is Carrie? lmao

  • Allison

    Of course it is Carrie Underwood. I was at the game and that is Carrie. She plays every year. Why would you guys think it isn't Carrie? Carrie played softball for 9 years growing up. She is good.

  • Carol

    Ditto...could be Julianne or Kelly Pickler...don't know if Kelly plays baseball.

  • becca

    what r u talking about? obviously that's carrie underwood

  • ashely

    that's not carrie underwood....julianna hough maybe