Gary Coleman’s Ex Wife Says She’s Out on the Streets

Shannon Price had better start selling a few more of those big-bucks interviews to the media. Radar Online reports that the ex-wife of recently deceased actor Gary Coleman has been locked out of the house that the estranged couple shared up to the time of his death, as a nasty battle over the former Diff’rent Strokes actor’s assets begins to brew.

According to rice’s spokeperson, Sheila Erickson,

“Shannon cannot even get into her own home now… even though she is on the deed to her house.”

So who could be capable of tossing a recently widowed woman out on the street? Erickson theorizes that the eviction was the work of Coleman’s former manager Dion Mial, the executor of Coleman’s estate and, according to the actor’s 1999 will, the sole heir to all of his remaining assets.

Erickson says that she and her client will “absolutely” contest that will, citing a second, handwritten document, and claims that, in his final days, Coleman stated that he had become estranged from Mial:

“Gary made a statement about Dion less then 24 hours before he fell,” she claimed. “He said that he had not been friends with Dion for years…When asked why, Gary said: ‘All good things come to an end.’  Gary was stating that he had a falling out with Dion and did not wish to be close friends with him anymore.”

In the meantime, Price plans to move into a new home with the help of her family on Monday.

It’s so sad when friendships fall apart like that. Let’s try and forget all the unpleasantness by looking back at Gary and Dion in happier times, shall we?