Jon Gosselin Demonstrates Why They Call it Dope (VIDEO)

The Surgeon General would surely not approve of Jon Gosselin’s latest shenanigans.

Radar Online has obtained a home video purporting to show the slothful, work-averse former Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad stoned out his gourd with former girlfriend Hailey Glassman. And given the rambling, bizarre behavior that Gosselin engages in on the tape—filmed while the couple vacationed in St. Tropez with Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier last summer—it’s hard to attribute his actions to anything other than a dope-addled cranium.

As the tape opens, Gosselin describes their culinary habits while hanging in France:

“We’re munching on Pringles here in beautiful St. Tropez, eating quality food because every time we eat, we either get swollen boobs or I sh*t myself.”

Papa Jon goes on to offer would-be tourists advice if they should ever visit the area:

“Don’t ever go to a hair salon in France…Especially if you’re Jewish…doubly especially if you’re a New York Jew.”

As a cautionary example, Gosselin explains that, after a mishap at a local hair salon, Glassman’s hair came out looking  “like big Jewish pubes.” Oh, Jon; you silver-tongued devil…

Ah, but then the real fun begins, as Gosselin details a dubious local custom. While shoving a cigarette up his nostril. Uh-huh, that’s right:

“This is how the French smoke. They smoke so much they put cigarettes in every orifice of their body.”

Perhaps you should shove one of those cancer sticks in your mouth, Jon, because you’re really making a fool out of yourself right now.

According to a source with intimate knowledge of the once-charmed couple’s French sojourn,

“All they did [on their trip] was drink Crystal and smoke spliffs with the friends they were with. Whenever someone was sparking it up, they were right there smoking it.”

Um, yeah; no kidding.

Go ahead and check out the video here.