Paris Hilton Makes Out With ‘Hard Times Of RJ Berger’ Star

Just because The Hard Times of RJ Berger star Paul Iacono plays a geek on TV doesn’t mean that he is one in real life.

The 21-year-old actor was spotted “making out” with newly-single heiress Paris Hilton at a party for his new show on Monday night. According to an on-looker Paris just couldn’t contain herself around Paul:

“Paul was hanging with his friends and all of sudden someone was behind him and his friends started pointing […] It was Paris. She grabbed him and just started making out with him.

On the show, Paul plays a geeky teen who has a very large, uh, package. Maybe Paris was hoping that the TV show’s premise was based on reality?

Paris and Paul both tweeted photos of themselves snuggling up together at the party, leading us to believe that maybe they were just kissing as part of a friendly joke. After all, Paris has close ties to the show: sister Nicky Hilton is dating the show’s creator, David Katzenberg.